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Pick up your Guides at Reception

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The Story- Day One

A beautiful sunrise graced the land the trees looked up at the awakening sun, and swayed in the light breeze. A single bird roamed in the wind as it passed a cliff edge. The words cascaded down the glistening waterfall, the water rich blue with white seahorses crashing against the rocks below; consonant after vowel tumbled down, the writer overjoyed with their masterpiece Picasso couldn’t have been prouder.

The writer startled the dreamland avoided of life; crudely awaken by Dot the, housekeeper, placing a hardwearing silver tray containing the British ritual of tea in the morning. The smell of the over brewed blend sent chills down the writer’s spine.

“I wish you would stop sleeping at your typewriter, you have a perfectly decent bed awaiting you when you retire.” Dot spoke pouring milk into the china cup diluting the writer’s strong tea. The writer grunted crankily agreeing to Dot’s repetitive exclamation, rubbing his head his eyes just about adjusting to the light.

“Decent. Ha!” The writer threw his head back facetiously, rolling his eyes at Dot. “I can’t afford decent at my wage, unsuccessful writers get squat, Mrs Larsson I assure you I—,” Dot interrupted him.

“John please call me Dot, I insist.” Mrs Larsson handed John his tea, whilst she smiled at him.

 The room was minimalistic, the walls sprayed white and an old Victorian window faced them. A slight smell of burnt bread from the bakery below, low on customers the chef’s brow protruded sweat dreading the next time the landlord would come round. The writer glared at the parchment ready for the story to unfold… 

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